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The Scrub Hub

19033 US Route 11
Watertown, NY 13601

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We are glad you have selected to visit our on-line WebStore. Here you will find the same great selections you can find in our retail store. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and please come by our retail location at 19033 US Route 11 Watertown, NY. If you have any questions please call 315-785-5500 and we will be happy to help you. You can also email us at scrubhubnny@gmail.com

** Please be aware of potential shipping delays to due covid related issues with our carriers. Shipping times could range from 3-10 days.

If you have already established on-line access to our WebStore, select the "Sign in" option at the top to review your purchase and order history. You can even re-print a receipt if you like. If you are new to the WebStore but have made purchases in our retail store and have a receipt, you can create an on-line ID that is linked to your existing account. Just select the "Sign in" option and choose "Link to My Existing Account".

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Healing Hands HH Works
Heaing Hands Purple Lable
Barco One
Greys Anatomy Active
Greys Anatomy Signature
Greys Anatomy Impact
Cherokee Infinity
Cherokee Revolution
Cherokee Tooniform
Cherokee Original
Wonder Wink
Zoe And Chole
Dansko, LLC
Med Couture, Inc.